Tell'm the PRICE!

STANDARD | $600 - Up to 10 Archers.*

Outdoor Enclosed Rooftop (All Week) - Ultimo

Premium Indoor - Minchinbury (Western Sydney)

(With less Archers, the games will be shorter but more frequent)

Min. 2~4 Weeks advance notice is Essential and subject to availability!

Over 10 Archers.*

STANDARD + ($45pp for extra players up to 30 Total)

If there are of 16 guests, your group will be divided in to teams of 3 or more.


"I took an arrow in the knee."*

If Archery Tag's a bit too adventurous for you

but still want an Archery experience?

We have an answer for that too! Enquire Today!


Make your event memorable with Arrowzhead Recreation.

Get more attendees to your event with something different, interactive

and lots of fun for all ages.

*An additional booking fee of $40 is required for our ALL LOCATIONS. All other Booking Terms and Conditions can be found in the CONTACT US page, under BOOKINGS.